11 September 2018

TİKA’s Support to the Families of People with Disabilities in Gaza

In Gaza, in collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of Public Works and Housing and with As-Salamu Association, 20 homes belonging to families of people with disabilities were renovated by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) through maintenance and repair efforts.

Gaza experienced plenty of destruction due to ongoing issues and the blockade that is in place for over 10 years; in addition to its other deficiencies, it has also become a place of disabilities physically as well. According to the official data, there are approximately 40.000 people with disabilities in Gaza.

20 families were identified in Gaza through the collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of Public Works and Housing and with As-Salamu Association, and TİKA carried out the maintenance, repair and renovation project for their homes, making them more easily accessible for people with disabilities.

So far, TİKA has built two hospitals in Palestine, one in the city of Tubas in the West Bank and the other in Gaza. Providing hope to thousands of people with disabilities thanks to the physiotherapy laboratory it has established in the Islamic University of Gaza, TİKA granted thousands of units of medication and medical equipment as well as two vehicles to Doctors Worldwide and As-Salamu Associations in 2016 in order to enable healthcare services at home for elderlies, patients, people with disabilities and people with limited financial opportunities, who were unable to get healthcare at hospitals. 

The aid collected with the campaign started by the R.T. Directorate of Religious Affairs was utilized quickly by TİKA to provide housing to 320 homeless people in Gaza. In the project, which consists of 20 blocks with 16 apartments each, there are 320 units of 100 square meter apartments, housing approximately 2,250 people.

Ever since 2005, when it started its operations in Palestine, TİKA has completed nearly 600 projects here on the issues of healthcare, education, agriculture, development, housing, etc. In addition to these projects, it stood by the people of Palestine by treating dozens of patients, who were wounded in the attacks, in Turkey.

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