12 January 2016

TIKA and AFAD build Permanent Houses for Arakan Muslims

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) is building permanent houses in 7 districts in Arakan Province incorporation with the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), Turkish Embassy in Myanmar and Arakan Local Government.
Many muslim families were targeted and harmed during the anti-Islamic attacks against the Arakan Muslims in September and October 2012. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims who were forced to leave their homes are still struggling to survive in camps.
It was agreed in the Arakan Action Plan, which was initiated by the Arakan Local Government, that the families who survived the attacks would return to their rural life and villages. TIKA, implementing effective and reliable projects in the region, were asked by the Arakan Local Authority to help 3750 families, approximately 25.000 thousand people, find their way back home and recover their lives.

The project which will jointly be implemented by TIKA, AFAD, Turkish Embassy in Myanmar and Arakan Local Authority, aims to recover the Arakan settlement in the region, help the rest of the families regain their homes, their livelihoods, plantations and access employment opportunities, start businesses; save the victims from their captive camp life that has lasted too long.

The project, comprising 6 fundamental phases is planned to be implemented in 7 districts phase by phase. The following are the current figures which were decided to be established for each district: 6 villages and 842 households to be established in Kyauk Taw, 2 villages and 285 households in Myauk Oo, 5 villages and 447 households in Min Byaer, 1 village and 100 households in Kyauk Phyu, 2 villages and 232 households in Myay Bone, 2 villages and 62 households in Yan Byar, 8 villages and 1782 households in Pauk Taw.

The construction materials procured by TIKA makes finer houses with more stability, resistance and space which are delivered to families in need. Typical houses constructed by the muslim Arakan families are based on bamboo and bamboo material.
The mentioned housing project is also closely followed by all foreign diplomatic missions, United Nations Representatives and other international institutions and organizations in the field. At the bottom line, the solution to the long standing problem of Arakan delivered by the hand of Turkey has raised great appreciation in the field.

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