12 October 2021

TİKA and AFAD Provides Humanitarian Assistance to 3100 Families in Yemen

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) provided humanitarian assistance to 3100 families in southwestern Yemen.

As part of the project implemented by TİKA and AFAD, food parcels containing nearly 120 tonnes of staples, such as flour, sugar, rice, oil, and dates, were distributed to a total of 3100 internal migrant and flood-affected families in the districts of Al-Mudhaffar, Al-Qahira, and Al-Saleh in Taiz.

The distribution ceremony was attended by Hassan El-Huleydi, Deputy Governor of Taiz and Regional Director of Taiz at the Department of Internal Migration; Abdullah Sarı, TİKA’s Yemen Coordinator; and many representatives of the Directorate of Planning of Taiz.

In his speech, Deputy Governor el-Huleydi, “A significant number of people face difficulties in many parts of Yemen. Especially the siege of Taiz by the Houthi militias since the beginning of the war causes great problems. There are damaged and uninhabitable buildings in the outskirts, and people live under very difficult conditions in these areas. Floods caused by seasonal rains make life even more difficult. We would like to thank the Turkish Government for the humanitarian assistance provided by TİKA and AFAD to families in need.”

Abdullah Sarı, TİKA’s Yemen Coordinator, also delivered a speech and said, “We would like to thank the officials of the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Planning for helping us reach beneficiaries. Taiz is the largest city in Yemen and has been a hot conflict zone since the beginning of the civil war. As a result, the intermittent conflicts lead to various difficulties. Since internal migrants, both from the northern and western parts of the country and from the outskirts of the city, seek refuge in the safer parts of the city, Taiz can no longer bear this burden.”

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