17 November 2022

TİKA and TRT Supports the National Film Studio of Kyrgyzstan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) held the “Film Transfer and Color Correction Training” in Ankara for the staff members of the National Film Studio of Kyrgyzstan to digitize the national movie archives.

The delegation of Kyrgyzfilm participated in the experience sharing program organized in Ankara in connection with the training held in Bishkek last year in order to ensure the efficient use of the equipment provided by TİKA as part of the “Project for the Digitization of Important Documents and Works of T. Okeev Kyrgyzfilm National Film Studio.”

The training program organized at the Department of Media Management and Archives at TRT’s Headquarters covered the topics of “Introduction to Film Materials and Technologies,” “An Overview of Film Digitization Processes,” “16 mm Film Digitization,” “35 mm Film Digitization,” “Optical and Magnetic Sound Digitization,” “Negative and Positive Film Technologies,” “Introduction to Cintel Scanners,” “Resolve Restoration,” “16 and 35 mm Film Technologies,” “An Overview of the Software Interface,” “Image Analysis and Project Management,” “Positive and Negative Film Treatment and Printing,” “The Use of Restoration Tools in Resolve and Fusion,” “Color Correction,” “Introduction to the Tabs in DaVinci Resolve and Their Functions,” “Node Sequence and Its Basics,” “Fusion Restoration,” “Image Matching,” “Sequences,” and “The Main Stages of Color Correction.”

After completing the training, the delegation of Kyrgyzfilm visited the TRT Museum of Broadcasting History and the July 15 National Studio (TRT Haber).

The delegation of Kyrgyzfilm visited TİKA

Later, the delegation of Kyrgyzfilm visited TİKA’s headquarters in Ankara and was greeted by Uğur Tanyeli, Head of the Department of Foreign Relations and Partnerships at TİKA. At the meeting, Tanyeli stated that they were pleased with their cooperation with Kyrgyzstan and stressed the importance of the project in the history of journalism.

Fethi Fahri Kaya, Deputy Director-General of TRT, delivered a speech at the certificate presentation ceremony held at TİKA’s headquarters in connection with the training program. He said, “TRT shares its expertise with many countries, paving the way for new partnerships.”

Zholdoshbek Akmataliev, one of the specialists at Kyrgyzfilm who participated in the training program, thanked TİKA and TRT for their support, stating that the film transfer training was very helpful.

Evgeny Krokhmalenko, a specialist at Kyrgyzfilm, said, “Kyrgyzfilm has an extensive archive dating back to the 1940s. Here, we learned the best way to digitize our archives. For this reason, we would like to express our gratitude to the institutions that provided this training.”

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