27 July 2018

TİKA Builds Guest House for Patient Relatives in Afghanistan

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has built a guest house with an 85-person accommodation capacity in Afghanistan for patient relatives.

Herat State Hospital receives many patient relatives within Herat and from surrounding cities, as well. At the hospital, in which 50,000 surgeries, surgical interventions, and births take place annually, 80,000 patients receive inpatient treatment and 250,000 patients receive outpatient care. In Herat, patient relatives who do not have other relatives to stay with or cannot afford accommodation stay outdoors in difficult conditions, sometimes causing patients to catch infections. With the construction of the guest house, both patients and patient relatives will be able to benefit from health services with better conditions.

The guest house built by TİKA for patient relatives who come to the Herat State Hospital was opened with a ceremony attended by Afghanistan Minister of Health Ferozuddin Feroz. In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Firoz stated that TİKA has carried out extensive and significant health services in Afghanistan and that a great number of people benefit from these services. Firoz, who touched upon efforts to overcome the challenges being faced in Afghanistan with the help of friendly nations, stated that Turkey provides support to Afghanistan in every field, especially in education, health, construction and restoration, and added that the opening of a separate TİKA Program Coordination office within Herat and the western Afghanistan region is considered a sign that the beneficial and productive work of TİKA will gain even more speed. Program Coordinator Ali Ergün Çınar, who spoke at the ceremony, also stated that TİKA is working on multi-faceted projects in health, education, culture and various capacity-building programs and other areas, especially in the restoration of historical monuments, and he added that knowing that their work was appreciated by the people of Herat and the western Afghanistan region also gave them strength.

The guest house, which has a 265 square meter living space, 2 floors and 1 terrace, provides accommodation for 85 people with its 12 rooms, 4 bathrooms, and 2 baths.

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