24 June 2020

TİKA Built a Playground and a Park in Montenegro

The playground and the park built by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in the center of Berane, located in northern Montenegro, were made available to children and adults after the curfew imposed on them was lifted as the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) subsided.

Montenegrin, Serbian, and Bosniak people live in the city of Berane, which is located in the Sandžak region in Montenegro. It is one of the underdeveloped cities in the country and has a population of 34,000. In the northern regions of the country, the infrastructure of cities is insufficient due to limited job opportunities and unsatisfactory state investments. TİKA landscaped and renovated the area that serves as the meeting point of the local preakleople in the center of Berane. With the project implemented, TİKA met the needs of the recreational area by installing an automated irrigation system and a lighting system, landscaping the area, placing street furniture, and building a playground.

As outdoor areas have gained prominence due to the pandemic, an area was created in the city where children, adults, and the elderly can safely spend their time. The playground and the park built by Turkey were delivered to the officials of the Municipality of Berane and put into service on the condition that security measures would be followed. The opening ceremony was attended by the Republic of Turkey’s Ambassador to Montenegro Songül Ozan, Mayor of Berane Dragoslav Dado Šćekić, TİKA’s Podgorica Program Coordinator Muhammed Ünal, municipal officials, local people, and children.

In her speech at the ceremony, Ozan stated that the city of Berane gained a beautiful playground and a park thanks to this cooperation and that TİKA would continue to implement projects that would improve the quality of people’s lives. Congratulating the Montenegrin Government for its successful fight during these difficult times, Ozan expressed her gratitude to those who contributed to the project. Mayor Šćekić thanked TİKA for enabling the implementation of such a valuable project, which the city of Berane needed, and said that they believed their cooperation with TİKA would continue with similar projects in the future.

TİKA’s Podgorica Coordinator Ünal expressed TİKA’s satisfaction with this beautiful area, made available to the public in the center of Berane. Ünal concluded his speech by stating that Turkey would always continue to support Montenegro’s fight against the pandemic.


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