14 January 2021

TİKA Built Studios for the Lebanese Public University

In addition to its numerous support projects in Lebanon, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built 3 new modern studios for the only public higher education institution in the country.

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the project, TİKA’s Beirut Coordinator Orhan Aydın stated that TİKA implemented a project at the Lebanese University as part of the various development and assistance activities it has been carrying out in Lebanon for years. 

Pointing out the fact that the Lebanese University is popular as the only public university in the country, Aydın noted that they built 3 studios with modern equipment as part of the project, which aims to increase the capacity of the university in this context. Aydın added that the studios, which were equipped with video editing-animation, film production, and dubbing equipment, were built in the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts in Tripoli. He continued, “Thanks to the equipment and software provided, the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, which is the only faculty with a master's program in this field in Tripoli, now has a recording studio for digital sound recording, dubbing, and editing, as well as studios where video editing, animation, and film production can take place.”

TİKA’s Coordinator Aydın also said, “With the studios equipped with professional cameras, voice recorders, computers, microphones, headphones, and various pieces of professional software, the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts can now serve not only its 1000 students, but also the students and faculty members of other universities in the city.”

Isam Ubayd, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, stated that this project showed the importance that Turkey, a friendly country, attached to cooperation in helping young people to achieve their educational goals. Noting that the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts at the Lebanese University now has the most equipped studios in the region thanks to the project implemented by TİKA, Ubayd thanked Turkey and TİKA for providing these facilities.

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