21 December 2020

TİKA Completed the Renovation of the Gagauz Cultural Center in Ukraine

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) completed the comprehensive renovation and furnishing of the Gagauz Cultural Center in the village of Kotlovyna in Reni, where the Gagauz people live together.   

The project aims to contribute to preserving the culture of Gagauz Turks for future generations. 

There are approximately 32,000 Gagauz Turks in Ukraine, who live together in the villages of the cities of Bolgrad, Reni, and Kiliya in Odessa Province, located in southern Ukraine. Gagauz Turks make up 89% of the population of Kotlovyna, which is located in the city of Reni and has a population of 2,427.

70% of the cultural center in the said village was damaged in the fire in 1997, and the center had not been used since then. Renovating the cultural center and putting it into service, TİKA also provided a practice area for folklore teams, including the village’s Gagauz folklore team, which consists of 70 people participating in international events and practicing in five groups.  

The project included the renovation of the electrical and water installation, sewage, ventilation, fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems and other systems of the Cultural Center; the interior renovation and finishing works of the building; and the external thermal insulation. TİKA replaced the doors and windows of the Gagauz Cultural Center, renovated its roof, and provided the necessary technical equipment, furniture, and musical instruments to make it fully operational.


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