25 October 2018

TİKA Continues to Support the Production Industry in Palestine

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established a sapling production facility on a total area of 3,000 sq. meters with 1,700 sq. meters of indoor area in the city of Jenin, which is the most bountiful region of Palestine in terms of agricultural lands and green spaces.

In the Jenin region, which is known for its lands suitable for agricultural cultivation, since the ongoing forestation and agricultural activities generated a demand for saplings that was not met, in cooperation with Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture General Directorate of Forestry, TİKA established a sapling production facility in the 3,000 sq. meters area within Jenin Provincial Directorate of Agriculture with 1,500 sq. meters of greenhouse area.

The project aims to create the necessary infrastructure for the State of Palestine’s forestation and agricultural production activities and to support the regional and national economy. Therefore, a fully equipped sapling facility was founded to offer the people in the region infrastructural support on agricultural production. With the production activities that will be carried out by Jenin Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, saplings will be provided free of charge to local administrations, farmers, schools and non-profit civil society organizations for their forestation activities.

During the initial planting work, 5 people were employed at Jenin Sapling Production Facility. When the production increases and varies, this number is expected to reach 15 to 20 people. The facility features a 500 sq. meters greenhouse where 150,000 sapling seeds can be sown at the same time; and there are also sections in the greenhouses with a total area of 1,000 sq. meters, where these seeds can be prepared for plantation. A 200 sq. meters indoor workspace was also constructed for the experts to carry out their production activities and to allow the employees to continue their work without being affected by negative weather conditions. Furthermore, a 200 cubic meter water tank and the required irrigation system was installed to be used for production activities. TİKA provided 50,000 seeds and all required production materials for the facility to start its operations.

As one of the production and employment-focused projects implemented by TİKA in Palestine, this project will provide the State of Palestine with the required capacity of sapling production and it will serve all institutions and organizations, especially the ones working on forestation, free of charge. This will be a significant boost for the family economies of the farmers, who will be supported with saplings cultivated for agricultural production, and consequently, it will help Palestine’s national economy.

TİKA, which has provided model applications for the private sector in Palestine through its support of the production activities in the country, continues its efforts to boost production and employment in many industries in Palestine.

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