18 September 2023

TİKA Continues to Support Women’s Work in Tanzania

5 corn grinding machines have been provided for the women’s cooperative which is active in Siha, one of the least developed regions in Tanzania.

Tanzanian women who produce corn flour in order to have an income and help their families had to use rented grinding machines. They needed to give the amount of money they make to the owners of the machines; causing serious financial difficulties for them.

Under these harsh conditions, “Kilimanjaro the District of Siha Support for Women’s Cooperatives Project” was carried out upon the request of Dr. Godvin Molel Foundation.

Within the scope of the project, each cooperative was provided with 5 corn grinding machines.

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr. Mehmet Galloyl; Governor of the Province of Siha, Dr. Christopher D. Timba; administrators of governorate and municipality, and the locals were present at the delivery ceremony which took place in the Siha District Council.

The aim is to enable 250 women from 5 different cooperatives, founded by the women who live in rural regions, to benefit from the project.

Even though the district of Siha is one of the least developed districts in Tanzania, it is also known as a region in which grains, especially a type of bread made of corn flour called “ugali” are the staple foods. Therefore, supporting the production of corn flour is seen as a key step that will help the local people to meet their basic food needs.

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