09 April 2013

TİKA Gives Support To Media Organizations

TİKA Gives Support To Media Organizations



Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) makes important contributions to Media Organizations in Libya, Montenegro, Uganda, Tanzania, Tunisia, Crimea and Azerbaijan.

With its projects, TİKA enables higher-quality broadcast to media organizations. Especially it cooperates with African countries because cooperating has a great importance in terms of Turkey’s Africa Initiative. With the technical equipment support and training programs to the media organizations, TİKA also carries its economic, commercial, cultural and social relations a step further. 

Radio Auction for Uganda Higher Islam Commission

Sheikh Shaban Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda visited Turkey through Presidency of Religious Affairs. During the visit, Sheikh Shaban Mubaje demanded 3 FM radio stations and a TV channel from TİKA.

Approximately 220 radios are active in Uganda and almost all radio stations owned by Christians. One of these radios is in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The other is located in Mbale which is 230 km away from the capital. These 2 radios which broadcast with inadequate equipment belong to Mufti of Uganda.

The radio which is called “Bilal FM” is active in Kampala. For renewal of the radios, Uganda Higher Islam Commission demanded a space from Gaddafi National Mosque.

Technical Equipment Support to Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation

Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation which has been serving since 1999 is a single official corporation in Tanzania. As using analog technology, the radio broadcasts in 12 regional centers.

Because of insufficient equipment, Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation cannot meet radio audiences’ demands. For supply these insufficient equipment, Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation demanded technical cooperation from TİKA.

Turkish Radio and Television Corporation Provided Training to Crimea Atlant TV

“ATR TV” and “Meydan Radio” have been broadcasting in Crimea.

ATR and Meydan Radio started radio broadcasting by satellite. TİKA contributed to provide training for 18 personnel in Turkish Radio and Television Corporation and these trainings made a great contribution to the development of capacity. Within the scope of the project, while the first group completed their training, the second group has been continuing their training in Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.

Azerbaijan Press Advisers Visited TİKA

15 press advisers working in ministry, committee and other state institutions and organization made an official visit to TİKA on 24-28 March 2013. With this study visit, it is expected to contribute the relationship between Turkey and Azerbaijan.



FM Radio Station Came Into Activity

A non-governmental organization called “Tunisia Charity” has been working on humanitarian assistance in Tunisia. To publicize its activities, the non-governmental organization asked for support from TİKA.

FM Radio Station established by TİKA will make a great contribution to the economic, commercial, cultural and social relations. In addition to this, 10 people were provided training at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, in Eskisehir Anadolu University.


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