08 October 2021

TİKA Gives Training Support to Agricultural Producers in Montenegro

With the cooperation of Alata Horticultural Research Institute in Mersin, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry organized the "Greenhouse Vegetable Production Training" in the Montenegrin municipalities of Rožaje, Petnitsa and Plav.  

83 agriculturalists/producers from the regions of Rožaje, Plav, Gusinje and Petnitsa participated in this 6-day training program organized by TİKA.

Rožaje's Mayor Rahman Husoviç, Petnitsa's Mayor Samir Agoviç, Gusinje's Mayor Anela Çekiç, Plav's Mayor Nihad Canoviç, producers and TİKA officials attended the post-training certificate ceremony held in the town of Rožaje.

Rožaje's Mayor Rahman Husoviç spoke at the ceremony and said that TİKA carried out important projects in Montenegro, especially in health care and education; and thanked TİKA on behalf of the municipalities of Rožaje, Petnitsa, Plav, and Gusinje for its support to needy families working in the agriculture sector.

Adding that they cooperated with TİKA on the previous fruit production project as well, Husoviç noted that TİKA's projects which are carried out in every region of Montenegro, notably in the fields of education, health care, and agriculture are all welcomed and appreciated.

Abdurrahman S. Toprak, TİKA's Montenegro Coordinator, spoke at the ceremony and said that TİKA attached importance to projects which increase employment in agriculture and prevent migration from rural to urban areas in Montenegro. He thanked the mayors for their cooperation regarding the training on the enhancement of production efficiency in greenhouses, which were provided to Montenegro in the context of the 2015 project on the encouragement of greenhouse production.

Continuing its activities in Montenegro since 2007, TİKA has provided fruit saplings to 320 families and greenhouses to 185 families to encourage greenhouse production within the context of its projects aimed at increasing agricultural production across Montenegro. These projects have helped more than 2000 producers and TİKA plans on giving trainings within the context of its projects aimed at helping the agriculture sector.

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