25 December 2018

TİKA Gives Training to Health Personnel in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has given Child Advanced Life Support Training in cooperation with the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) Civil Protection Administration.

Within the scope of “Emergency Medical Capacity Increase Program” (ATKAP) carried out by TİKA, these training sessions organized in cooperation with FBiH Civil Protection Administration and Union of Doctors of Medicine (UDM) intend to train the staff that is expected to be the core of an infrastructure, which will serve within the field of medical rescue in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the long term. Around 50 Bosnian healthcare personnel attended the 4-day "Basic Life and Trauma Management in Children" and "Training of Trainers" programs organized with the support of five doctors, who are members of the Society of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care and working in different hospitals of Turkey.

Turkish Ambassador to Sarajevo Haldun Koç, FBiH Civil Protection Administration Director Fahrudin Solak, TİKA Sarajevo Coordinator Ömer Faruk Alımcı, trainers and trainees attended the certification ceremony held for trainees who successfully completed the training in the capital Sarajevo.

Stating in his speech that the training program is a good example of mutual cooperation, Ambassador Koç said, “The advanced life support program for children is a very important concern for all of us; because children are our future and we have the power to offer them a healthy life and future. FBiH Civil Protection Administration Director Solak said that Turkey and TİKA contribute greatly to Bosnia and Herzegovina with the projects they carry out.

“Saving the life of even one child would be a great pleasure for us”

President of the Society of Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care and Head of Pediatric Emergency Department, Faculty of Medicine, Dokuz Eylul University Prof. Dr. Murat Duman stated that there is a four-day training within the scope of the program and that they teach how to treat children who are about to die. Stating that they provide training to civil protection teams for two days and they also give training to Bosnia-Herzegovinian doctors for two days, Duman said, “Taking a step to bring the children who are in critical condition back to life, saving the life of even one child would be a great pleasure for us.”

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