10 January 2018

TİKA Heals Wounds in Myanmar

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) provided food aid and supplies to the families that were affected by the fire that broke out at the Kyinyi Pyin camp in the district of Paktauw in Myanmar.

The Rohingyas, who were displaced five years ago and were settled in villages and camps built around the Kaladan River, continue to face difficult conditions due to natural disasters such as as flooding and fires in the camp area.  Reigniting hope for many Rohingyas, who are far from their homes, TIKA offers humanitarian aid not only to the Rohingyas who took refuge in Bangladesh due to the events that took place in August, but it also heals the wounds of the Rohingyas who stayed in Myanmar.

At the Kyinyi Pyin camp in the district of Paktauw, many bamboo houses were destroyed after a fire broke out in December of last year. TIKA exerted great efforts to restore the homes and took steps to meet the urgent needs of the families affected by the fire by delivering relief supplies consisting of 11 different items.

Around 250 people benefited from the emergency aid supplies which included blankets, clothes, mosquito nets, kitchen supplies, and food items. Once the second phase of the efforts is completed, 60 families will have shelter.

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