27 May 2019

TİKA holds Iftar program in Ecuador and Colombia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) organized iftar meals in Ecuador and Colombia

Quito, Ecuador

TİKA organized an iftar meal package for 3 days in Ecuador. More than 300 guests attended the iftar held at the Mosque of the Islamic Center of Ecuador. The guests of Quito were invited by the Ecuadorian who were interested in Islam.

President of the Islamic Center of Ecuador, Mr. Yahya Suquillo, in his speech addressed to the guests in the iftar and food packages distribution organized by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) in the capital of Ecuador, Quito, said: Turkey is reaching all Muslims and the oppressed around the world", he also added "Recep Tayyip Erdogan, keeps the fraternity law of all Muslims in the world alive and does not neglect anybody”.

Maicao’s Iftar, Colombia

Located on the Colombian border with Venezuela, due to the long-term thirst, agricultural production came to a halt, and due to the economic contraction and difficult days in the city of Maicao, TIKA distributed to 250 people food packages and an iftar.

In the third largest mosque in South America, the Omar Ibn Al-Jattab Mosque, the Islamic Center of Maicao gather in the garden for an iftar, which is the common area of Dar Al Arkam College. In the city is common to call muslims 'El Turco'.

The symbolic structure of the city of Maicao, Omar Ibn Al-Jattab Mosque is one of the rare structures of the region with its architecture and splendor. The mosque, which is mostly of Lebanese origin and built by immigrant Muslims, is a place visited by all the people of the city.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Center of Maicao expressed their honor to host iftar. President of the Association, Mr. Yahya Hassan said: no one to extend his hand to Muslims in the region for a long time”. The Islamic Center of Maicao executives; before the economic problems, especially in Palestine, Bosnia, Yemen, Syria, such as in many countries of the world are in solidarity with Muslims, trying to deliver help to them as they said they tried. They are happy to see the side of Turkey in this hard times.

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