14 January 2021

TİKA Implemented 3 New Projects in Misurata, Libya

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built two solar energy systems and a PLC laboratory for Misurata University and a gym for a sports club in the city.

TİKA implemented 3 new projects in Misurata, Libya, and built solar energy systems in two research laboratories of the College of Science and the College of Pharmacy and a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) laboratory for the College of Industrial Technology at Misurata University, as well as a gym for Asswehly Sports Club in the city.

TİKA’s Libya Coordinator Gıyaseddin Karatepe delivered a speech at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the solar energy systems built in the research laboratories of two colleges at Misurata University and stated that these projects were implemented “within the framework of the solidarity between Turkey and Libya based on historical relations built on common religious, cultural, and civilizational values dating back 500 years.” Karatepe noted that they aimed to contribute to the development of scientific studies in Libya with these solar energy systems and that they would increase cooperation especially in the field of renewable energy.

At the ceremony, Gürkan Gürmeriçliler, Turkey’s Consul General to Misurata, said, “I am glad that the friendly relations between the two countries are developing in the fields of scientific research and energy, as in every other field.”

Mustafa Taher Elayeb, Director General of the Center for Renewable Energy of Misurata University, stated that Turkey’s meaningful gift would contribute greatly to the scientific studies of the university, and stressed the importance of the development of scientific and technical cooperation in the field of energy for the relations between the two countries. Elayeb expressed his gratitude to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, TİKA, and the people of Turkey on behalf of the entire university community.

TİKA Has Implemented Around 30 Projects in Misurata

The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) laboratory built by TİKA for the College of Industrial Technology at Misurata University was also put into service with a ceremony attended by Karatepe, Gürmeriçliler, Dean Ahmed Youssef bin Sassi, and the administrative staff of the college.

In his speech at the ceremony, Dean Sassi reminded that TİKA had previously implemented many projects that contributed to Misurata, and stated that they hoped they would develop scientific and technical cooperation in the field of automation technology. Sassi presented plaques to TİKA’s Coordinator Karatepe and Consul General Gürmeriçliler and thanked both institutions for their contributions.

In his statement, Karatepe said, “Misurata, which is heavily populated by Turkmens who settled in the city during the Ottoman era, is a city of industry, technology, trade, and university in Libya.” Karatepe added that they had so far implemented around 30 projects in Misurata, especially in the fields of technology, education, and health.  

“Libya’s main source of wealth is not oil, but its youth.”

Visiting Asswehly Sports Club, a leading sports organization in the city, after Misurata University, Karatepe and Gürmeriçliler opened the gym equipped by TİKA with modern sports equipment. Ali Sowan, President of the Club; officials of the club; and athletes also attended the ceremony.  In his speech at the ceremony, Sowan stated that Turkey’s meaningful gift would contribute greatly to the health and quality of life of young people in Misurata. Noting that even though Libya is known as an oil-rich country, they cannot rely solely on it, Sowan said, “Libya’s main source of wealth is not oil, but its youth.”

After the ceremony, the officials met the athletes of Asswehly Club. Consul General Gürmeriçliler joined in the training of the men’s volleyball team and played volleyball with them.


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