14 August 2018

TİKA Offers Health Support to Children’s Hospital in Kiev

In Ukraine’s capital city Kiev, the Children's Clinical Hospital No. 8, where orphaned children, children with disabilities and victims of the Chernobyl disaster are treated, was renovated by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

TİKA Ukraine Coordinator Hacı Bayram Bolat made a speech during the project’s opening ceremony and said, “I am very happy to be in one of the oldest children’s hospitals in Kiev, which was built in 1910. In 2014, we supplied ultrasound devices here. It is especially meaningful to us that this hospital serves the children of poor families, children with disabilities, orphans and victims of the Chernobyl disaster. We appreciate that children from the east of the country and from Crimea are treated here.”

Bolat pointed out that TİKA’s healthcare projects in Ukraine focus on three central areas:

“First, renovation of the physical infrastructures of hospitals, health clinics and medical centers. Second, renewal of the technical infrastructures of health institutions and provision of modern equipment. Third, sharing of experience through seminars, workshops, health conventions, and training programs. In this hospital, where we have renovated the physical infrastructure, we also provided analyzers for biochemistry and hematology.

In this well-established hospital, where 3 thousand children are treated every year, I hope that the children will receive care under more modern circumstances. In addition, the fact that students from Bogomolets National Medical University serve as interns and get hands-on training in this hospital is particularly important to us.“

Chief Physician of the hospital, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Dembitskiy said during the ceremony, “I don’t know of any other organizations that provided as much support to Ukraine as TİKA did. TİKA provides really significant aids all across Ukraine. TİKA helped our hospital greatly. Under the present conditions, it is almost impossible for our country to allocate a budget for the improvement of our hospital. We are grateful to TİKA, which extended a helping hand to the hospital in these times as Ukraine is struggling and Kiev is the destination of internal migration.” Dembitskiy emphasized that TİKA is the organization that has provided the most support to the hospital and remarked that TİKA’s assistance enabled the children to get treatment under more modern circumstances.

Children's Clinical Hospital No. 8 was founded in 1910 with the financial support of Tereshchenko, who was a patron of science and arts. The hospital currently serves with a capacity of 120 beds and offers medical care to over 3 thousand children from all districts of Kiev. Children with disabilities, orphans and children of low-income families as well as those who have arrived from Crimea and Donbass receive special attention.

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