12 November 2019

TİKA Opens a Vocational Training Center in Pakistan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) opened the Professional Training Center in Pakistan to provide vocational training to young people who do not have access to education.

Consul General of Turkey in Karachi Tolga Uçak, TİKA Karachi Coordinator İbrahim Katırcı, and representatives of institutions providing vocational training in the city attended the ceremony, which was held in Karachi, located in southern Pakistan.

At the ceremony, Consul General Uçak stated that the center will train qualified personnel to meet the needs of the country’s economy, and said, “Karachi is not only Pakistan’s largest city, but also its industrial and commercial capital. This city needs a qualified labor force. The Professional Training Center, which was opened with the efforts of TİKA, will train the talented people that Karachi needs.”

Noting that unemployment is an obstacle that needs to be overcome for the development of countries, Uçak said that Turkey will offer all kinds of support to Pakistan to eliminate this problem.

Pakistani Chefs Will Be Trained in Turkish Cuisine

TİKA Karachi Coordinator Katırcı noted that the children of low- and middle-income families will be able to find jobs more easily after receiving training here and said, “TİKA’s support to Pakistan in the field of vocational training will continue. The renovation of the Department of Culinary Arts and Gastronomy of Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, which is one of the oldest educational institutions in Pakistan, continues. In the second stage of the project, chefs from Turkey will share their experience in classical Turkish cuisine with Pakistani chefs.”

Vocational training in fields such as call center customer representation, inventory management, and sales consultancy will be provided in the classrooms and computer lab of the Professional Training Center.


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