21 April 2022

TİKA Organizes a Ramadan Program to the Orphans in Afghanistan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) continues to back up the orphans in Afghanistan during the month of Ramadan.

TİKA started this year’s Ramadan İftar Programs by organizing an iftar dinner at the public children’s home, which hosts 100 students, in Parwān. The students of different ages who stay in the children’s home participated in the dinner along with the employees. Besides, the students residing in the İmam Bukhari Children’s Home in the capital, Kabul and 600 families living around the children’s home were provided with hot iftar meal. The families in need who come from different provinces in Afghanistan to take shelter in Kabul said they were very pleased with the iftar dinners offered in the Ramadan.

TİKA offered its third iftar dinner in Afghanistan to 90 students (both girls and boys) of different ages residing in the Afghan-Turk Friendship (Alawuddin Girls' Orphanage) Children’s Home. In 2016, TİKA had built a new dormitory and renovated two others. In 2018, TİKA equipped the school within the children’s home as well. In addition to these, TİKA supplied Afghan-Turk Friendship Children’s Home and Teyi Mesken Children’s Home, which suffered from food shortage because of the government change in Afghanistan after August 15, 2021, with 3-month food, cleaning items and winter fuel.

The people in charge of the children’s homes at the iftar dinner said that such programs not only make a real difference for the students and but also make them very happy. Touching upon the long-lasting relations and friendship between Afghanistan and Türkiye, they said, “We extend our gratitude to the Turkish state and people and send them our prayers”. After the dinner, the students joined the group to perform the evening prayer. They all amened loudly after praying collectively that the friendship between Türkiye and Afghanistan will continue and both countries will stay safe from the evil.

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