17 September 2015

TIKA picks up the pieces of Macedonia after the flood disaster

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) sent aid packages including food, cleaning and sheltering equipments to Shipkovitsa Village which was destroyed after the flood disaster in Kalkandelen Province of Macedonia.

Last week, flood and landslide disasters happened in Macedonia after the ground rainfall in many regions especially with overflow of Pena River in Kalkandelen Region. As a result of the flood disaster, five people died and lots of houses and vehicles were destroyed. After an extraordinary session held in Municipal Council of Kalkandelen, a national mourning was declared on the 5th-6th of August.  TIKA Program Coordinator in Skopje Teoman Tiryaki and Undersecretary of Turkish Embassy in Skopje Sinan Ertay visited the region at the same time in order to investigate what could be done in the area and how could emergent needs at first step be delivered to people in need.  

TIKA Coordinator lending his ear to problems of the community stated that their priority was to get aid packages as immediate as possible after the natural disaster. Expressing that they, as the Republic of Turkey, always stood by Macedonia and friendship got stronger in hard times; TIKA Coordinator said that Turkey extended a hand to all Macedonia without any exception of ethnicity, language and religion. TIKA Coordinator in Skopje Tiryaki gave his condolence to relatives of the victims and wished of quick recovery for those wounded in the disaster.  

After the investigation; TIKA Program Coordinating Office in Skopje distributed aid packages including vital foods, cleaning and sheltering materials to people living in Shipkovitsa Village destroyed after the flood in Kalkandelen Municipality.



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