25 June 2021

TİKA Provided Agricultural Training for Youth Representatives in Namibia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency and the National Youth Council of Namibia organized a 4-day theoretical and applied training program on basic agricultural practices for young participants from 14 regions of Namibia.

Training courses on vegetable production, soil fertilization, irrigation, agricultural calendar, agricultural pest control, agricultural economics, and marketing were provided during the training programs attended by a total of 35 youth representatives from 14 regions of Namibia. Namibian young people were greatly interested in the 4-day theoretical and applied training. The purpose of the training provided was to increase the interest of young people in agriculture, ensure food security in rural areas, and encourage young people to engage in production in Namibia.

Joseph Van der Westhuizen, Vice-Chairperson of the National Youth Council of Namibia, stressed the importance of encouraging young people to engage in agriculture to enable them to generate income and to reduce youth unemployment. He thanked TİKA and Turkey for their support for Namibian young people.

Participants who successfully completed the training were awarded certificates. It is aimed to ensure that participants who were awarded certificates share their knowledge with other young people and engage in agricultural production in their regions.

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