28 December 2023

TİKA Provided Vehicle to Hemodialysis Patients in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided a shuttle vehicle for the transportation service provided to the hemodialysis patients of Lukavac Medical Center, which is providing healthcare in the city of Lukavac.

TİKA provided 1 shuttle vehicle to Lukavac Medical Center, in which 280 people are working and approximately 50 thousand people are receiving healthcare and which has been active since 1984, to enable the hemodialysis patients to be transferred to the treatment centers in the cities of Tuzla and Gračanica safely and on time.

The delivery ceremony was attended by the Minister of Health of Tuzla Canton, Duşanka Beçiroviç; TİKA’s Coordinator in Sarajevo, Erdinç Işık; Mayor of Lukavac, Edin Deliç; Deputy General Director of Lukavac Medical Center, Dr. Sedija Arapçiç; council members of Tuzla Canton; hemodialysis patients; and workers of the medical center.

Minister of Health of Tuzla Canton, Beçiroviç, presented his thanks to the Republic of Türkiye and TİKA in the name of Tuzla Canton’s government and Ministry of Health of Tuzla Canton, which he is the head of.

Deputy General Director of Lukavac Medical Center, Arapçiç, stated that the vehicle provided by TİKA will be put into service on the same day, noting that the new vehicle will be quite valuable not only for the patients but also for the medical center workers.

Hajrudin Delagic, who made a speech in the name of the hemodialysis patients, stated that he has been on hemodialysis treatment for 24 years, that this sickness is not just a basic kidney disease and the conditions of the vehicle the patients are traveling on every day to continue treatment can have a positive or negative effect on their treatment process.

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