04 October 2022

TİKA Provides Agricultural Equipment to North Macedonia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) donated 20 tillers and 20 sprayers for use by 1000 farmers in Štip, Demir Kapija, Konče, Valandovo, Veles, Negotino, Bosilovo, Vasilevo, and Gostivar in North Macedonia, in order to expand agricultural lands and advance production technology.

The delivery ceremony held at the Municipality Building of Konče as part of the “Support for Sustainable Agriculture: Project for Donation of Agricultural Equipment” was attended by Halim Ömer Söğüt, TİKA’s Project Coordinator in Skopje, and Zlatko Ristov, Mayor of Konče, as well as local farmers and local officials.

Our target group consists of more than 1000 farmers

In his speech, Halim Ömer Söğüt, TİKA’s Program Coordinator in Skopje, stated that TİKA implements projects in different fields, among which support for agriculture and rural development is of special importance. Söğüt said, “We are donating tillers. Our target group consists of more than 1000 farmers. We have also brought sprayers. In fact, farmers will use this equipment jointly with other stakeholders and will thus, in a sense, make them available to the public.” Söğüt added that they have also implemented projects for the development of beekeeping and fruit cultivation, such as walnut and strawberry cultivation, in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. He stressed that they were pleased with the success of these projects and the increase in the income of farmers. Söğüt said, “We hope that this project will help us achieve our targets. We believe that agriculture and animal husbandry are essential for economic development, and that the improvement of the results in these fields will contribute greatly to the standards of living of local people.”

I hope the cooperation will continue

Zlatko Ristov, Mayor of Konče, reminded that TİKA donated tillers and other agricultural equipment, and thanked TİKA for their support. Ristov said, “We have had excellent cooperation with TİKA so far. This is the second assistance project implemented since I was elected as the Mayor. I sincerely hope that the cooperation will continue. I personally congratulate the farmers who have been supported.”

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