27 July 2013

TİKA Provides Ambulances To Kenya Ministry Of Health

TİKA Provides Ambulances To Kenya Ministry Of Health

Kenya Ministry of Health received three fully equipped ambulances provided by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency. The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Kenya, Hon. H. Avni Aksoy, presented the ambulances at a handing over ceremony held at the ministry’s premise in Nairobi. Along with the ambulances he also presented certificates for 20 doctors, who attended short term training in Turkey on “Emergency Case Management in Hospitals.” Ministry of Health Principal Secretary, Prof. H. K. Segor together with other ministry officials and TIKA officials were also in attendance.

TIKA has launched major projects in the health sector in alignment with Kenya’s Vision 2030 since its establishment in the country in 2012. The training of 20 doctors was conducted in 2012 to increase their capacity and address the shortage of skilled personnel in the field of emergency medicine.

The ambulances are to be given to three public hospitals, which deal with critically injured patients in their locality and surrounding areas. The hospitals are; Makindu, Mariakani and Ijara District Hospitals. Two of these hospitals (i.e. Makindu and Mariakani District Hospitals) are located along Mombasa- Nairobi Highway, which is prone to accidents almost on a daily basis. The ambulances will facilitate immediate evacuation of accident victims to reduce magnitude of injuries. One ambulance will serve the Ijara District Hospital, which is located in an arid region faced with high infant and maternal mortality rate.
In his speech, the principal secretary expressed gratitude to the government of Turkey for the ambulances and the training program for the doctors. He mentioned that Turkey and Kenya had a huge potential to engage in serious cooperation in health sector.

Through this project, it is expected that the quality of healthcare in Kenya will advance and also improve the relations between Kenya and Turkey.

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