14 November 2018

TİKA Provides Support to Mother Child Health in Macedonia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided comprehensive repair and equipment support to Cair “Mayka Tereza” Maternity Hospital’s Hygiene and Pre-Sterilization Unit in Macedonia.

As part of the strategy to combat infant deaths plaguing Macedonia in the recent years, so far TİKA carried out comprehensive renovations at University Clinic’s pediatrics unit, emergency units, and intensive care unit and provided equipment. Meanwhile, training programs were organized for neonatal specialists, midwives, and nurses employed at state hospitals all across the country.

In an effort to combat infant mortality in Macedonia, TİKA extended a significant contribution to Cair “Mayka Tereza” Maternity Hospital, which was opened in 1965 in the capital Skopje and which serves a wider region by also admitting patients from outside Macedonia and hosting over 4000 births each year.

The Hygiene and Pre-Sterilization Unit of the Hospital, where approximately 13,000 examinations and over 37,000 biochemical analyses are run each year, was thoroughly renovated and equipped as a result of the project. A fire alarm system, a central heating, cooling, air conditioning system, necessary equipment, and a hygiene and sterilization system with a washing-drying capacity of 100 kilograms per hour were installed, eliminating any potential risks.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of Cair “Mayka Tereza” Maternity Hospital’s renovated Hygiene and Pre-Sterilization Unit, Cair Mayor Visar Ganiu expressed his gratitude to TİKA for all the support it has provided ever since TİKA’s Macedonia Office was established and he pointed out that the investments, particularly on health care, mean a lot to the Macedonian society.

Cair Maternity Hospital’s Chief Physician Dr. Bashkim Ismaili also thanked the Republic of Turkey and TİKA for completing a comprehensive renovation and fully equipping this unit, which is one of the most important units in the hospital as the most crucial part of the hygiene and sterilization chain.

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