15 November 2021

TİKA Provides Technical Equipment to a Radio Station in Kenya

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided technical equipment to Vihiga FM in Kenya in order to improve its broadcast quality and broadcast range.

The delivery ceremony held for the equipment at the Office of the Governor of Vihiga and at Vihiga FM Radio Station was attended by Eyüp Yavuz Ümütlü, TİKA’s Nairobi Coordinator; Wilbur Ottichilo, Governor of Vihiga; County Secretary for Vihiga; Director of Public Relations of Vihiga; officials of Vihiga County and Vihiga FM; and press members.

At the delivery ceremony of the project, which was implemented as part of the Program for the Improvement of the Technical Infrastructure of Media Organizations, conducted by TİKA’s Nairobi Office, various equipment provided by TİKA, including microphones, loudspeakers, headphones, transmitters, and portable broadcast kits, were delivered to Wilbur Ottichilo, Governor of Vihiga.

The equipment delivered improved the broadcast quality and broadcast range. Furthermore, portable broadcast kits enabled live broadcasting anywhere outside the radio station.

In his speech at the ceremony, Eyüp Yavuz Ümütlü, TİKA’s Nairobi Coordinator, stated that the equipment provided to Vihiga FM improved the technical possibilities and capabilities of the radio station and provided significant opportunities for young people who wish to gain experience in radio broadcasting and media.

Wilbur Ottichilo, Governor of Vihiga, thanked Turkey and TİKA for their support. Stating that radio is the main communication tool in Vihiga, Ottichilo said they would be able to reach people more easily and make significant contribution to informing people and solving problems, thanks to the support provided.

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