26 June 2019

TİKA Renovated Dormitory in Skrapar, Albania

The student dormitory in the Çorovoda district of Skrapar, to which Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) offered restoration and hardware support, was opened.

The opening ceremony was attended by President of Albania Ilir Meta, Vice President of TİKA Birol Çetin, Turkey's Ambassador to Tirana Murat Ahmet Yörük, TİKA's Tirana Coordinator Necip Özay Özütok and authorities for Skrapar.

In his speech, President Meta stated that the new conditions of the dorm would enable the prioritization of the children's education, and he expressed his gratitude for this investment in Skrapar.

Describing Turkey as a "sister country", Meta thanked Ambassador Yörük and TİKA authorities, and said the following: "This is an investment which all students and parents should be grateful for since they are now safer thanks to the magnificent conditions that been created here."

Expressing that they ensured the investments carried out by TİKA and Turkey's ambassador in Albania were in various areas in Albania, Meta emphasized that investments in education in particular were made with the aim of providing youth with a better education and life.

Vice President of TİKA Birol Çetin remarked that TİKA had been active in Albania for 23 years and mentioned that they had completed more than 500 projects in Albania, with 110 of them being education projects.

Ambassador Yörük placed emphasis on the deeply-rooted brotherly ties between the people of Turkey and Albania and expressed that they were working towards protecting and building historical monuments, improving infrastructure, meeting health and education needs in all corners of the country.

Indicating that these activities stemmed from the profound love and care for the people of Albania, Yörük said: "As a result of our people-centered foreign policy, we will always support our Albanian brothers and sisters."

Within the scope of the project, the doors and windows of the 200-person dorm were replaced, walls were painted, and hardware support was provided with the tables, chairs, air conditioners, and closets that were supplied.

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