11 August 2021

TİKA Renovated the Houses of Rohingya Refugees

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) renovated 100 shelters in refugee camp no.16 in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

In 2017, as their houses and shops were burned and the violence and attacks against them reached an unbearable level, approximately 750,000 Rohingya people left Myanmar and took refuge in Bangladesh.

Intervening in this crisis in a short time, TİKA immediately built a kitchen in that region and started to distribute hot meals to the refugees who were left without food or water for days. After they took refuge in Bangladesh, TİKA provided shelter to the Rohingya refugees, in addition to clothing, household and kitchen supplies, and dry foods.

Acting upon seeing that the bamboo shelters built in 2017-2018 were worn out due to climatic conditions and many of them couldn't be used, TİKA renewed 100 shelters in the Rohingya refugee camp no.16.

With the project, more modern and robust shelters were built on the same ground instead of using the shelters that were in a very bad condition in the camp, thus enabling Rohingya refugees to have more comfortable and safe living spaces.       

As of 2020, the Bangladesh authorities allowed the use of 4-corner concrete pillars containing iron bars in bamboo shelters, the construction of concrete floors with a thickness of 5 cm, and the use of bricks up to 10 cm high.

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