06 July 2021

TİKA Restored the Historical Mosque in Lebanon

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) completed the restoration, maintenance and renovation of the Mina Hamidiye Mosque in Tripoli, Lebanon, which opened on the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdulhamid's accession to the throne.

The mosque, built in 1902 with the donations of the people of Tripoli, was worn out and exposed to improper architectural practices in time. Since the minaret, raised in the 1960s, became dangerous for the environment as a result of improper practices, a part of it was cut down and demolished.

The maintenance, renovation and restoration of the mosque, especially the restoration of the minaret in its original architecture and the renovation of the ablution room, were completed in cooperation with the General Directorate of Islamic Foundations of the Republic of Lebanon and presented to the people of Tripoli.

The restoration of the Mina Hamidiye Mosque, which has a marble inscription bearing the tughra of  Sultan "Abdülhamit Bin Abdülmecit El Gâzî" and the embroidery of the "Hamidiye Mosque Sherifi 22 Jamadi Evvel 1312 Hijri" on the entrance door, and which has been added to the cultural heritage of Tripoli, also got a good reaction from the local people.

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