28 April 2021

TİKA's Erenler Sofrası is in Djibouti

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has begun to provide 16.5 tonnes of food aid to 330 needy families in Djibouti as part of the “Erenler Sofrası” Ramadan Program.

The packages, which have been prepared as part of the aid program carried out with the cooperation of TİKA and the Charity Club Association (l’Association de Club de Bienfaisance), have begun to be distributed with a ceremony held in the capital Djibouti.

Having taken the floor at the ceremony, which has begun with Quran recitation, TİKA’s Djibouti Program Coordinator Kutluhan Yücel expressed that the month of Ramadan was a period when sharing and charity should increase among people without discrimination, and he said: “After the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey declared 2021 as the Year of Yunus Emre and Haji Bektash Veli, a new concept called Erenler Sofrası has been created, inspired by the moral values from the heart of Anatolia. TİKA has brought together the Ramadan aid programs that will be carried out in 87 countries under this title. Within this context, as TİKA Djibouti Program Coordination Office, we have begun a food aid project for 330 families in Djibouti. Thanks to this program, we aim to provide great support to the food needs of the beneficiaries during the month of Ramadan.” He shared the message: “I wish Ramadan brings goodness, peace and comfort for the Muslims and all humanity.”

Having taken the floor afterwards, the President of the Charity Club Association Angham Hassan Mohamed said: “We'd like to thank TİKA and Turkey for their help. This aid, which will be provided to 330 families, will be a great source of joy for the beneficiaries. Our association has chosen families in great need for this charity program. We hope this program sets an example for other people and institutions.”

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