03 November 2021

TİKA's Support for Access to Clean Water in Mongolia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has drilled 3 water wells in Sühbaatar, Mongolia.

Sühbaatar, which is about 600 km away from the capital Ulaanbaatar, has been the region most affected by global warming in recent years due to its geographical location and steppe. Especially the water scarcity in the region negatively affects the lives of the local people who make their living from traditional nomadic livestock.

TİKA carried out a project upon the request of Sühbaatar Governor İderbat Manlaibaatar, opened a water well in each of the 3 rural areas of Sühbaatar in order to solve the drinking water problem throughout the province and to provide access to water for people and animals living in rural areas.

With the project, clean water was extracted from 100 meters and the clean water need of 26,732 people living in the rural area of Sühbaatar was met.

Expressing his gratitude to the Republic of Turkey and TİKA for the support provided, Sühbaatar Provincial Director of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Gan-Oçir Tömörbaatar said: “Besides our local people, agriculturalists and 605.130 animals directly benefit from the water wells drilled by TİKA in our province. Our water shortage problem has been solved by drilling water wells."

A shepherd Dondog Ulmaa, who lives in Tümentsogt, stated that there is no natural water source such as a river or stream in the village where he lives, and that they get water from a hand-made water well located far away from their village, and said that the water well built by TİKA is of vital importance for the people of the village.


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