22 October 2020

TİKA sends aid to 2,000 Azerbaijani Families

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) sent 40 tons of food aid to Azerbaijani civilians living in areas close to the front line and affected by the attacks of Armenian forces.

The food aid consisting of ready meals and canned food will be distributed among 2,000 families living in Tartar, Aghdam, and Barda cities.

Turkey’s Ambassador in Baku Erkan Ozoral told reporters that Turkey stands by Azerbaijan through thick and thin.

Reminding that Turkey and Azerbaijan are "two states, one nation," Ozoral said: "We fully support Azerbaijan in the fight to save its own lands. Our support is not only because we are brothers, but also because of Azerbaijan’s rightful fight. We will never leave our brothers alone."

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