09 December 2022

TİKA Supports 2 Languages 1 Heart Symposium Introducing Yunus Emre

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency’s (TİKA) Office in Herat organized the “2 Languages 1 Heart Symposium” where Yunus Emre and Hakim Sanai, Sufi poets, were introduced.

The book involving the poems and life story of Yunus Emre was translated into Dari for the first time and published in Afghanistan with support from TİKA. Similarly, the book which is a compilation of the life story and poems of the Sufi poet Hakim Sanai who is an important historical figure of Afghanistan was republished.

The common grounds of the two Sufi poets who are important figures both in Türkiye and Afghanistan and their contributions to literature, art, and sufism were discussed in the 2 Languages 1 Heart Symposium.

Turkish Consul General in Herat, Sinan İlhan, TİKA’s Coordinator in Herat, Arafat Deniz, Manager of Yunus Emre Institute in Afghanistan, Hüseyin Güngör, Governor of Herat, Mevlevi Nur Ahmed İslamcar, and Manager of Culture and Information in Herat, Mevlevi Naimullah Hakkani attended the symposium held at a hotel in Herat.

Representatives from the Consulate Generals of Iran and Pakistan in Herat, a great number of rectors from Kabul and Herat, clergymen, representatives of non-governmental organizations, authors, poets, academicians, thinkers, and participants were also present at the symposium.

“Herat is a culturally rich city”

Speaking at the symposium, TİKA’s Coordinator in Herat, Deniz noted that Herat is a culturally rich city and that they have carried out activities for increasing the capacity of culture and art of the city in line with this.

Expressing that they aim to promote the common cultural values of Türkiye and Afghanistan, Deniz said, “TİKA’s Office in Herat supports cultural activities owing to the cultural and artistic capacity of the city. The first thing we did in this new term was to translate the poems of Yunus Emre. As Yunus Emre’s poems or life story have never been published in Afghanistan until today. This is a first for us too.”

Stating that as TİKA, they will mantain similar activities, Deniz said:

“We have brought two equal founder Sufi poets together. Our purpose here was to draw attention to the common grounds, similarities, and capacities of these two languages in terms of history and culture. And mainly to form a basis for the exchange between the two cultures. At this point, we have committed ourselves to the introduction of both Turkish and Turkish literature.”

“A great step that binds two poets from two different fellow countries together”

Governor of Herat, İslamcar thanked again to TİKA’s Office in Herat for the publishing of the books. Indicating that Herat is a historically and culturally rich city, İslamcar stated that the support for Afghan thinkers to increase their artistic production is of great importance. “I welcome this great step that binds two poets from two different fellow countries together with open arms,” said İslamcar. İslamcar concluded his speech by reading the “Love” poem from Yunus Emre.

Turkish Consul General in Herat, İlhan stated that they would continue to help Afghanistan with the institutions and non-governmental organizations of Türkiye.

The books, published with support from TİKA’s Office in Herat, were presented to the participants following the symposium.

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