17 November 2022

TİKA Supports Catholic School in Lebanon

TİKA Supports Catholic School in Lebanon

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) made the idle terrace semi-covered in the Catholic school which has Christian, Sunni, and Shiite students in Bourj Hammoud where Lebanese of Armenian origin live in great numbers, and put it at the students’ disposal.

Depending on Les Soeurs du Rosaire (The Rosary Sisters) which is the first female Christian Catholic religious community established in Jerusalem in 1880, education till 12th grade is offered in the school that has been active since 1930 in the Nabaa neighbourhood of Bourj Hammoud where Lebanese of Armenian origin live in great numbers. The courtyard of the school where about 900 Christian, Sunni, and Shiite male and female students residing in the region receive education was very insufficient.

With the project carried out by TİKA to provide extra space for the school, the idle terrace of the building was rehabilitated. The terrace that was reorganized for students to be able to use the playing and activity field created for them all year round and to protect students from rain and sun was made semi-covered through the built structure.

TİKA’s Coordinator in Lebanon, Orhan Aydın, headmistress of the school, Sister Nada Moussallem, Administrator Sister Farfabien Boutros, school administrators, and class president students attended the opening ceremony for the project.

Mentioning their troubles due to the economic crisis in Lebanon and the region of the school being a district where poor families live, Sister Moussallem stated that the project completed by TİKA is extremely important for them and especially for the students. Moussallem emphasized that this is not just a construction project but it is also precious for the social development of the students and expressed her gratitude to Türkiye for its support. A senior student of the high school, George said that before they had spent time at their classes even during break times due to the insufficient place but now they enjoy spending time in the area organized by TİKA during break times and even at the end of the day.

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