24 November 2020

TİKA Supports Computer Assisted Learning in Montenegro

As part of the “Elementary School Technical Equipment Project,” Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided computers, projectors, and equipment for 20 classes in Bar Anto Đedović Elementary School in Bar, Montenegro.

Continuing its efforts to improve the educational infrastructure of the country in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Montenegro, TİKA implemented another educational project to increase the use of computers in public schools.

 TİKA, which has long been supporting the preservation of Turkish, known as the “Language of Bar,” provided computers, projectors, and equipment for 20 classrooms in Bar Anto Đedović Elementary School as part of the “Bar Anto Đedović Elementary School Technical Equipment Project.”

The Computer-Assisted Learning Project, which was implemented by TİKA in Montenegro in 2020 in order to provide the school with advanced teaching tools, aims to diversify the educational materials provided to students, improve the quality of education, and enable students to access information more quickly and safely and study under modern conditions.

The project, which will increase the motivation of Children and Teachers, brought great joy to Bar, where elements of our cultural heritage are still present.

400 Projects in 13 Years

Since Montenegro’s declaration of independence in 2007, TİKA has carried out many projects and activities focused on priority areas and the elimination of basic infrastructure issues in Montenegro. A total of 400 projects and activities have been carried out by TİKA in the fields of education, health, agriculture, social infrastructure, capacity building, and preservation of cultural heritage (restorations) across the country. In the field of education, many school restoration and construction projects, such as the construction and equipping of Montenegro Mehmed Fatih Madrasah and the construction of Rožaje Grahovo Elementary School, have been implemented.

Providing educational materials and equipment to schools, TİKA has so far carried out a total of 105 projects and activities in the field of education.


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