23 September 2019

TİKA Supports Disabled Persons in Djibouti

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided 200 wheelchairs to 200 individuals with varying degrees of disability who were determined in cooperation with Djibouti's National Disability Agency, Djibouti's Ministry of Social Affairs, and Djibouti’s Ministry of Women and Family.

Within the scope of the "Remove Obstacles with TİKA Campaign", which is jointly carried out with the “Djibouti's National Disability Agency” founded in 2018 under the Presidency of Djibouti, TİKA provided equipment support for disabled persons in Djibouti to facilitate their integration into social, economic, and professional life.

As part of the "Remove Obstacles with TİKA Campaign", through the implementation of renovation and maintenance procedures at the workplaces of disabled persons, the objective is to assist disabled persons in adapting to work life with the hand tools and mechanical equipment supplied by TİKA.

Within the scope of the project, 200 disabled individuals were provided with 200 wheelchairs in different categories depending on their disability rates. Moreover, mechanical and hand tool support was provided to the workshop of Omar Ibrahim, a disabled individual who works as an engine repairer.

Omar Ibrahim, who had the opportunity to start a new chapter in his life thanks to TİKA, briefly described how he met TİKA and how the project changed his life as follows: "In June 2019, I was informed by Djibouti's Ministry of Social Affairs that TİKA was going to carry out a Food Aid Project for families in need and that I should get ready on the distribution day as a beneficiary. I was very happy. Turkey had lent a helping hand right when I needed it. This was my first encounter with TİKA. Afterwards, we met with TİKA authorities on the distribution day. I shared my life story with them and they visited my shop. Despite my disability, I have been working since the age of 12. My interest in and passion for engines enabled me to become Djibouti's most talented engine repairer. However, due to the social and economic conditions, I was unable to obtain the necessary and sufficient equipment that I needed, I could not go to repair the engines that stopped working on the road as my motorcycle of 20 years had been totaled, and I started losing customers. At a time like this, TİKA officials contacted me and told me about their project. I remember that moment very clearly. I had received one of the best pieces of news in my life. TİKA was going to supply all the tools I needed, provide me with a new motorcycle, and repair my shop. Now, thanks to TİKA, I can work comfortably and pick up my tool kit and provide service to engines in need of repair wherever they are. Thanks to TİKA and Turkey, I will able to work more easily and live a more peaceful life. I'd like to express my endless gratitude to TİKA and Turkey."

Speaking at the distribution ceremony organized in cooperation with the Djibouti's National Disability Agency, President of the Djibouti's National Disability Agency Doubleh Said Mohammoud said, "The wheelchairs donated as part of the “Remove Barriers with TİKA Campaign” will enable 200 disabled persons to meet their basic daily needs on their own, and the vocational equipment that was provided will facilitate their integration in professional life."  Mohammoud expressed that the voices of ten thousand disabled persons in Djibouti had been heard thanks to the project implemented by TİKA.


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