12 November 2020

TİKA Supports Djibouti’s Fight against COVID19

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) delivered 11 handwashing stations to be used at the schools in need and at critical locations in the districts of Djibouti, the capital city, as part of the Handwashing Stations Supply Project implemented in the city.

The delivery ceremony held at Djibouti Metropolitan Municipality was attended by Deputy Mayor Outman Hamad Mohamed, TİKA’s Djibouti Coordinator Kutluhan Yücel, representatives of the district council, and press members.

In his speech at the ceremony, TİKA’s Djibouti Coordinator Kutluhan Yücel stressed the importance of public health and hygiene and stated that the country has not been heavily affected by the COVID-19 thanks to the timely measures taken by the Government of Djibouti. Adding that the risk of transmission is still high due to the deficiencies in the public infrastructure and the hygiene infrastructure of the country, Yücel said that handwashing stations play a major role in meeting the basic hygiene needs during the worldwide second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yücel thanked Djibouti Municipality and the representatives of the city council for their interest in the project.

In his speech at the ceremony, Deputy Mayor of Djibouti Outman Hamad Mohamed noted that he considered the support provided by TİKA as a complement to the hygiene measures taken by Djibouti Municipality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stating that the handwashing stations provided by TİKA had the best design compared to those provided by other project partners, Mohamed thanked TİKA for its support.

The handwashing stations provided by TİKA include a 500-liter water tank, two plastic taps and basins, a wastewater tank, a soap dispenser, and towel holders. 

The project is aimed to be expanded and implemented at the regional level in the short term with the support of TİKA.


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