18 May 2022

TİKA Supports “SPORFEST 2022”

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) supported the 3rd edition of the “UHS SporFest 2022 Spring Event,” held by the University of Health Sciences (UHS) and attended by more than 1500 students.

The 3rd edition of “UHS SporFest 2022 Spring Event” was held by the University of Health Sciences (UHS) at the Gülhane Campus in order to improve and strengthen the motivation of students by bringing them together in events across 15 different sports. The event was attended by more than 1500 students, including those from Sudan, Syria, and Uzbekistan, as well as Prof. Cevdet Erdöl, President of the UHS; Prof. Necdet Ünüvar, Rector of Ankara University; Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit Güran, Rector of Hacettepe University; vice rectors and academics from several universities; and many invitees.

At the event, students and faculty members entered the event venue, accompanied by the Gendarmerie Janissary Band Command and the cortege, and watched the shows of the UHS Folk Dances Club, the performances of students, and booth activities.

President Erdöl stated that they aimed to ensure the interaction of students through sports and cultural activities at the festival, and said, “More than 1500 athletes will compete here, and more than 25 cultural activities will be held. More importantly, we organized an important sports fest by bringing together students from Sudan, Syria, and Uzbekistan and those from Istanbul, Ankara, Erzurum, Adana, Izmir, Bursa, Kayseri, and Trabzon in Gülhane.”

Noting that the event held by the university was supported by many institutions, such as TİKA, the Gendarmerie General Command, and Üsküdar Municipality, Erdöl said, “The pandemic, which has impacted every aspect of life, forced us to postpone our national and international activities. Now, we are gathered here with our students once again. Our students are very happy. There are currently more than 1500 students here. We brought 15 students each from 3 countries. They are interacting with other students here. I believe that it will be a great event.”

The “UHS SporFest 2022” will end after the award ceremony to be held on Wednesday, May 18.

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