26 July 2022

TİKA Supports Tanzania’s Transition to e-Government

The second phase of the training program organized by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and TURKSAT to share Türkiye’s experience in the transition to e-Government and the details about the e-Government Gateway, which provides one-click access to more than 2,000 public services, has been completed.

As part of TİKA’s Information Management Program (IMP), Türkiye guides many countries with its up-to-date knowledge and experience. In this context, the training “Introduction to e-Government Systems,” the first phase of the training program organized by TİKA and TURKSAT to increase the awareness of the e-Government Agency of Tanzania (EGA) about e-governance and improve its technical capacity, was held online with 40 trainees in April as a one-and-a-half-week program. During this first phase, the trainees were introduced to best practices in e-governance and Türkiye’s implementation of the e-Government system. After the online training, the training “Advanced Solutions in e-Government Systems,” which was held face-to-face from June 20 to 25, 2022, offered detailed information and potential solutions on current areas for improvement in e-Government services, such as “artificial intelligence, data center, cloud technologies, blockchain, big data, and cybersecurity.” Furthermore, expert trainers assigned from Türkiye held a short workshop and identified potential future actions based on EGA’s current status.

The certificate presentation ceremony held at EGA’s headquarters in Dar es-Salaam on the last day of the training was attended by Ricco S. Boma, Managing Director of EGA; Jaha Mvulla, Director for R&D, Innovation, and Training at EGA; Halil İbrahim Okur, TİKA’s Coordinator in Dar es-Salaam; Recep Çetinkaya, Director of TİKA’s Training Projects Information Management Program; officials of EGA, TİKA, and TURKSAT; and the trainees. In his speech, Director Boma thanked TİKA and TURKSAT for their support, stating that Türkiye’s contribution to Tanzania’s e-transformation efforts was precious. He noted that Tanzania’s e-transformation process has recently begun and that they were making every effort to make progress in this field in a short time. He ended his speech, saying that he hoped their cooperation with Türkiye would improve in this context. 

Coordinator Okur stated that TİKA would continue to develop projects to contribute to Tanzania’s development in the field of information management, especially in e-governance, as in many other fields. He ended his speech, thanking those who contributed to the project, especially TURKSAT’s technical committee, and saying that he hoped the training would help Tanzania achieve its targets in the field of information management.

In the next phases of the program, specialists from Tanzania will be invited to Türkiye to share our country’s experience directly on site.

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