12 November 2019

TİKA Supports the Beekeeping Industry in Kosovo

The first stage of the Sustainable Beekeeping and Bee Products Development Project was implemented in Podujeva within the framework of the Food and Life Safety Support Program, which was launched in Kosovo in 2018.

Considering the climate, flora, and other conditions, it can be said that Kosovo has a good potential for beekeeping. Furthermore, the promotion of beekeeping and honey production is determined as a primary field of activity by Kosovo’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Development. According to research, while domestic production meets 92% of the country’s need for honey, the rest is met by imports.

The project will promote sustainable beekeeping in the region of Podujeva. The sustainability of the beekeeping industry is supported by increasing the number of hives, modernizing the materials for hygienic honey production, increasing organic certified honey production, providing technical support to beekeepers at all stages of beekeeping, and protecting bee health and bee products. In line with this purpose, 70 beekeepers were trained by specialists for 80 days. In addition, 1050 hives with bees and grants for the production of bee products within the association were provided with the joint project with the E Bukura Mbretereshe Association.

The delivery ceremony of the project was attended by the Republic of Turkey’s Ambassador to Kosovo Mr. Çağrı SAKAR, TİKA Pristina Program Coordinator Hasan Burak CERAN, Municipality of Podujeva Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Development Manager Vezir JANUZI, President of the E Bukura Mbretereshe Beekeepers Association Hilmi SYLA, members of the association, beneficiaries, and invitees.

In his speech, the Republic of Turkey’s Ambassador in Pristina Mr. Çağrı SAKAR emphasized that Turkey is one of the first countries to recognize the independence of the Republic of Kosovo and has long-standing historical and cultural relations with Kosovo. He added that Turkey provides development assistance to many countries through TİKA and that the aid provided in Kosovo focuses on production not only in the field of agricultural development, but also in other fields such as education, material aid, and the strengthening of specialist capacities.

President of the E Bukura Mbretereshe Beekeepers Association Hilmi SYLA stated that the Republic of Turkey supports Kosovo in the field of agricultural development, as in all other fields, and adds a new asset to the country every day. Adding that the training given by TİKA strengthens the association and increases the quality and amount of honey produced in the region of Podujeva, he expressed his gratitude to our country.

A Contribution of More than Half a Million Euros to the Economy of Podujeva

With the support provided by TİKA, a contribution of more than half a million euros will be made to the economy of Podujeva within 3 years. As of 2020, the production of high-value-added products such as honey, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly will begin, and the branding activities will start. With the new and ongoing activities, the region of Podujeva is expected to become known for bee products, just like other regions in Kosovo such as Prizren and Deçan.

An Important Industry for Rural Development: Beekeeping

Beekeeping makes a significant contribution to the family budget in especially rural areas since it is not dependent on soil. It is the main source of livelihood for families, the cheapest and easiest agricultural activity that creates employment, and the primary or secondary source of income for the family economy.

Beekeeping is a sustainable branch of production and an important industry for rural development in Kosovo due to its sustainability, high profitability, employment opportunities, contribution to pollination, the country’s suitable geography and flora, the demand for bee products, the nutritional value of these products, alternative medicine practices, and the use of non-arable lands.

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