06 August 2021

TİKA Supports the Fight Against Addiction in Ecuador

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided furniture and vocational materials to the 'BellARTE' Training Unit, which was established at the Addiction Prevention Center in Ecuador's capital, Kito.

It is aimed that 150 trainees will benefit from the "BellARTE" economic reintegration project carried out in cooperation with the Health Secretariat of the Municipality of Kito and the Kito Addiction Prevention Center (SIPAQ) under the Development Program of Vocational Education in South America carried out by TİKA.

Under the project, equipment was provided to the center to be used in the organization of vocational training. Vocational equipment was also provided to 150 trainees who would successfully complete their training process and establish their businesses.

Thanks to the project, free training is provided in the center in three months on topics such as personal care (hairdressing, barbering, nail care, etc.), financial management, micro-entrepreneurship, cooperatives, so that those who benefit from the training won't fall into the trap of addiction again and make money by participating in social and economic activities.

Republic of Turkey Undersecretary of Embassy of Kito Kemal Yüksektepe, Kito Health Secretary Ximena Abarca, Kito Head of International Relations Gabriela Zuquilanda, SIPAQ Project General Coordinator Maribel Romero and some beneficiaries attended the opening ceremony of the vocational education unit.

Speaking at the ceremony, Kito Health Secretary said: “With this project, we have developed business activities as well as gaining self-esteem for those who use drugs and alcohol and suffer from depression. Thanks to the training, the participants will develop their self-confidence, learn a lot about their profession and make money.”

Stating that he was pleased to see that this project helped economic growth and creates employment alternatives for vulnerable groups affected by the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Kito International Relations President said in his speech: “Thanks to the cooperation and funding of the Republic of Turkey, those who are at risk of mental illness and addiction and who participate in the Kito Addiction Prevention Program will receive training on hairdressing, manicure and pedicure for the benefit of the city's primary sectors.”

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