12 November 2020

TİKA Supports the Health Infrastructure of Colombia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided medical equipment and devices to health centers in Teorama and Hacarí, which are located in Norte de Santander Department in Colombia and are among the priority municipalities within the scope of the Development Programs with a Territorial Focus (PDET).

With the project implemented in cooperation with the Agency for Territorial Renewal of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia (ART) and the National Army Integral Action and Development Support Command (CAAID), TİKA supported the health infrastructure of Teorama and Hacarí, which are among the regions most affected by internal conflicts, terrorism, and drug trafficking in Colombia.

With the strengthening of the health infrastructure of these municipalities, which are among the priority areas within the scope of the Development Programs with a Territorial Focus (PDET), it is aimed to provide direct quality healthcare to approximately 12,000 people in Teorama and approximately 10,000 people in Hacarí.

In her speech at the delivery of the medical equipment and devices, Yamile Rojas Estupiñan, ART’s Regional Coordinator for Catatumbo, said, “We are glad to carry out the PDET project. TİKA and Fe en Colombia provided this healthcare support in cooperation with the mayors of Hacarí and Teorama. We would like to thank TİKA for its support for the master development plan implemented by the National Government.”

Marcos Evangelista Pinto, Commander of the 2nd Commando Brigade of Colombia's National Army, said, “Within the scope of the Development Programs with a Territorial Focus (PDET) and with the support of Emilio Archila, Presidential Counselor for Stabilization and Consolidation of the Republic of Colombia, we are working with TİKA towards a common goal: improving the welfare of the people of Colombia. When we talk about the security of the people of Colombia, we also talk about social security, medical insurance, road safety, and educational security.”

Stressing the importance of this support and its social impact on the region, Mayor of Hacarí Deyvy Bayona Guerrero said, “Today, our Hacarí Health Center is provided with the biomedical equipment it needed. Infrastructure was one of the areas in which we were expecting support, and this dream came true. We have heard good news today. We would like to TİKA, the Fe en Colombia Program, and the Agency for Territorial Renewal.”

In his speech, Mayor of Teorama Robinson Salazar Benítez said, “Teorama Municipal Health Center was unable to provide an adequate level of healthcare to our society and patients. The support provided by TİKA today will contribute to the protection of lives. We would like to thank TİKA for this major support for Teorama Municipality. We are happy to give this great news to the residents of Teorama, our families, our patients, and our society.”

Before TİKA’s support, local people needed to go to a secondary-level hospital in a different city, Ocaña, in order to receive secondary healthcare. However, access to healthcare was limited and risky due to public order and security issues and unfavorable road conditions in the region.


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