05 January 2023

TİKA Supports the Transportation of Students in Cambodia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided bicycles for 150 students, mostly girls, to enable the children of low-income families to continue to attend school in Cambodia.

The project carried out in cooperation with CIWODA (Cambodian Islamic Women Development Association) and with the support of the Turkish Embassy in Phnom Penh aims to help students who had to drop out of school due to economic difficulties to return to school.

Transportation is a great challenge for students as there is no school bus in the country. Especially female high school students are forced to enter the workforce early or get married, if they drop out of school.

The delivery ceremony held for bicycles was attended by Ülkü Kocaefe, the Republic of Türkiye’s Ambassador to Phnom Penh; Rafi Hassan, Member of Parliament; Burak Sarıtarla, TİKA’s Regional Director; CIWODA officials; and local authorities.

In her speech at the ceremony, Ambassador Kocaefe stated that the project was a sign of the friendly relations between Cambodia and Türkiye. He said they were extremely pleased with TİKA’s projects in different industries across the country and hoped such projects would continue.

Burak Sarıtarla noted that TİKA carried out similar projects not only in Cambodia, but also in more than 100 countries, and that ongoing agricultural, housing, and cultural cooperation projects were being carried out successfully in Cambodia.

Member of Paliament, Rafi Hassan, thanked TİKA for its contribution. Hassan said that he was also aware of TİKA’s other projects and that TİKA’s contribution was extremely important for their country.  

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