01 December 2022

TİKA Supports Turkish Education in Iraq

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established a “Turkish Language Lab” within Tozkhurmato Open Education Faculty which maintains its educational activities in Iraq.

A “Turkish Language Lab” was established by TİKA in Tozkhurmato Open Education Faculty which operates as a part of the Ministry of National Education of Iraq and provides a 4-year degree completion program for the teachers, who have completed an associate degree, to receive a bachelor’s diploma. As a part of the project, a modern language laboratory was established in the department of Turkish Language which was opened in the 2020-2021 education period of the faculty, and the lacking equipment was provided to the other education classes.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the laboratory, TİKA’s Coordinator in Baghdad, Mustafa Yazıcı said that degree completion programs are provided for the teachers in Iraq and that Tozkhurmato Open Education Faculty continues their studies despite the limited opportunities.

Indicating that they aim to increase the education levels of the Turkish teachers in particular in the region where the Turkmen are densely located, Yazıcı stated that educational activities continue owing to the teachers working in Tozkhurmato which has been going through a long and rough time due to the conflicts.

Speaking at the program, Manager of the Faculty, Dr. Hatem Fahad Mahmud said that the educational services in the region have been neglected for a long time and thanked TİKA for contributing to the raise of Turkish teachers who especially help Turkmen children to learn their mother tongue.

Turkish language teaching is supported in Iraq

The faculty in Tozkhurmato, a district with a population of 300 thousand within the Saladin governorate, provides undergraduate education via lecturers in 8 classes in total, which consists of the departments of Turkish Language, Arabic Language, Biology, and History, for the teachers, who graduated from two-year undergraduate programs and currently work as civil servants, to receive a four-year undergraduate diploma. It is aimed to support the Turkish language teaching and increase the education levels of teachers in Iraq with the project.

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