17 August 2020

TİKA Supports Women’s Employment in Sudan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided equipment to 50 low-income women in Sudan to help them earn a living. 

To help them earn a living, TİKA provided equipment to 50 low-income women in the Mandela Area, which is located in the neighborhood of Jabal Awliya in Khartoum and is home to refugees coming from conflict zones such as Blue Nile, South Kordofan, and Darfur in Sudan and neighboring countries such as South Sudan. Dozens of women were trained in needlecraft and cooking by the Crafts for Sustainable Development Association, which conducts activities for the local community. TİKA provided sewing machines, embroidery machines, leather processing machines, furnaces, and spice processing machines, 10 of each, to the women who participated in the training. 

In his speech at the ceremony, Turkey’s Ambassador to Khartoum İrfan Neziroğlu said, “Today, we will distribute several machines such as sewing machines, spice machines, and furnaces. Our wish is to deliver them to hundreds of women in all provinces of Sudan. If you can turn this opportunity into success stories, believe me, many more will come when these stories are heard in Turkey. Sudanese women are among the most powerful women in the world. Believe in yourself.” 

TİKA Coordinator Bilal Özen noted that they would implement similar projects in other provinces, as well as in the capital city, and would also develop projects not only for women but also for young people and for low-income professionals who could not set up their business despite their vocational training.

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