15 August 2021

TİKA Supports Women's Employment in Tajikistan

In cooperation with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and Tajikistan Korvoni Umed Association, "Women's Vocational Training Center" was established in Dushanbe to support women's vocational training and employment.

The center, which was renovated and equipped by TİKA, will be providing training for women in the fields of sewing, jewelry design and pastry. The first group of trainees has started their training and it is planned that about 200 women will enter into profession each year.

As a part of the project, a playground was created for the children of the women getting training at the center so that children also could spend time there.

The trainees who have completed their training at the Women's Vocational Training Center will be given a vocational qualification certificate by the Tajikistan Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment. Besides, these women will be given priority in the employment processes.

In addition, a shelter was built in the center to be used when needed.

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