20 November 2023

TİKA Supports Women to Acquire Professions in Senegal

In the city of Pikine in Dakar, the capital, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided sewing machines to La Source Training Center. It is active within Suxali Jigeen Craftsman's Association, which is formed by 30 craftsmen, most of whom are female tailors.

Suxali Jigeen Craftsman’s Association enables approximately 100 women to acquire professions each year in Pikine, a region where unemployment is high and employment opportunities are limited. TİKA provided the needed 22 sewing machines, 5 embroidery machines, and 2 overlock machines to La Source Training Center, which is active within Suxali Jigeen Craftsman’s Association.

The opening of the project was attended by West Pikine Mayor, Cheikh Diop; the Authority from the Ministry of Training, Learning and Crafts, Ablaye Niang; and the authorities from the Training Center.

In his speech, West Pikine Mayor Cheikh Diop thanked TİKA for the project, stating that the 29 sewing machines will enable the young Senegalese women, who are future tailors and currently receiving vocational training, to learn the profession with a master-apprentice relationship.

In his speech, ministry official Niang emphasized that the young women who attend the courses in La Source Training Center will acquire a profession, thus they will help to support their families in the future.

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