16 October 2019

TİKA Volunteers Put a Smile on the Faces of Ghanaian Orphans

Within the framework of the “2019 Experience Sharing Program” coordinated by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), young volunteers provided food, clothing, and basic commodities to Kumasi Orphanage and Manhyia Prison in Ghana.

Within the framework of the third edition of the program, which is organized by Presidency for Turks Abroad And Related Communities (YTB), Credit and Dormitories Institution (KYK), Turkish Airlines (THY), Anadolu Agency (AA), Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), and Turkey Youth Foundation (TÜGVA), 10 students from different universities in Turkey visited the regions of Ashanti, Central, and Greater Accra in Ghana and received general information about Africa. With the money they raised, they sacrificed three animals and provided school supplies to the children at the Paragon Foundation Orphanage, located in a small village near Kumasi, the capital of the region of Ashanti.

After spending time with locals in various regions in Ghana for a week, TİKA volunteers said that the experience they gained was educative and instructive for them. Young volunteers expressed their gratitude to all sponsors and especially TİKA for the opportunity granted to them. These young people also stated that they were very inspired by the conversation they had with two young Germans who came from Germany to Ghana to work at the orphanage. They said that they would be happy to take part in longer-term projects if given the opportunity.

The officials of Kumasi Orphanage and Manhyia Prison expressed their gratitude to Turkey for the aid provided and said that they would be happy to continue to collaborate with Turkey. Kumasi Orphanage hosts approximately 100 orphans and provides primary and secondary education.

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