27 March 2013

TİKA's Mosque Restoration Projects

TİKA's Mosque Restoration Projects

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate continues to maintain the protection of our cultural heritage by restoring ancestral relic mosques in a number of countries, starting with the Balkans and the Middle Eastern and African countries. The efforts of TIKA respond to the ongoing need for the protection of cultural heritage of the Turkish Islam Civilization.

Pursuant to the Prime Ministry Mandate issued in 2008, the task of developing strategies, directing restoration efforts and establishing cooperation and coordination between public agencies and organizations and non-governmental organizations in connection with the Restoration of Cultural Assets Abroad, was assigned to TIKA. In this context, TIKA’s restoration efforts in developing countries gained speed after 2008.

In addition to the carrying out of a variety of technical assistance and cooperation projects, TIKA has also undertaken the mission of protecting and maintaining common historical and cultural assets and playing a vital role in their transfer to future generations by becoming active in important mosque restoration projects in the countries wherein the organization operates.


Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han Mosque

The Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han Mosque, for which restoration work was done by TIKA in 2010, was built in 1460-1461 by Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han. The early era Islamic art approach that was used in the construction of the Fatih Mehmed Han Mosque makes it a rare example of the period with architectural appeal and internal architectural harmony. The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han Mosque Landscaping Project was started on March 1, 2013 and is planned to be completed in the month of Ramazan 2013.

The Sinan Paşa Mosque

Sinan Paşa, the founder of the mosque, is known to have first been a governor for the Ottoman Empire in Bosnia, followed by Budin, Kars, Eğri and Erzurum in 1600-1601 and 1608-1609. It is thought that this mosque was constructed by Sinan Paşa during the second term of his governorship, when he was governor in 1608-1609. Despite a number of conflicts, the mosque construction was completed in 1615.

On November 29, 1915 the three domed mosque’s portico was destroyed by a bomb, as was the inscription. TIKA completed the restoration of the Sinan Paşa Mosque in 2011. The Sinan Paşa Mosque Landscaping Project will be started in April and is planned to be finished within this year.

The Yaşar Paşa Mosque

The Yaşar Paşa Mosque is located in Kosovo’s city of Prishtina. Since the Yaşar Paşa Mosque is located between the Fatih (Great) Mosque and Sultan Murat (Bazaar) Mosque it is also known as the Middle Mosque. The Yaşar Paşa Mosque was built in 1834 by Üsküp Governor Yaşar Mehmed Paşa who was originally from Prishtina. Within the framework of the protocol signed between the Kosova Islamic Union, the Kosovo Ministry of Youth and Sports and TIKA, a project planning tender was held for the restoration of the Yaşar Paşa Mosque. Following the project planning work, the restoration work on the Yaşar Paşa Mosque continues.

The Emin Paşa Mosque

The Emin Paşa Mosque constructed in Kosovo’s city of Prizren in the 19th century is one of Kosovo’s most beautiful mosques, with its interior decorations and adornments. TIKA officially started working on the restoration of this mosque after the “Emin Paşa Mosque Restoration Project Protocol” was signed with the Kosovo Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Kosova Islamic Union. The project planning stage of the Emin Paşa Mosque’s restoration continues.

The Murat Bey Mosque

The Murat Bey Mosque is located in the town of Yanova in the Lipyan District, which is about 25 kilometers from the city of Prishtina in Kosovo. It is not known exactly when this mosque, which is also known amongst the Yanova people as the “Bazaar Mosque”, was built because it does not have an inscription. The restoration and landscaping work for the Murat Bey Mosque, which is an important historical work belonging to the Ottoman era, will be organized with a tender to be held by TIKA in May of this year.


The Üsküp Mustafa Paşa Mosque

The Üsküp Mustafa Paşa Mosque was built in 1492 on orders by Mustafa Paşa, who was a vizier in the Yavuz Sultan Selim era. The annex, internal façade, external façade, congregation area, water tank with fountain and mausoleum repair work needed by the Mustafa Paşa Mosque was completed by TIKA. In addition to arranging the landscape, the electrical system was repaired and lighting and sound systems and cameras for security were installed.

The İshak Çelebi (İshakiye) and Radanya Mahmut Ağa Mosques

Two important projects were started by TIKA to protect the cultural heritage in the Republic of Macedonia and carry them over to the next generation. TIKA, which is preparing to start restoring the Manastır İshak Çelebi (İshakiye) and Radanya Mahmut Ağa Mosques as part of these projects, will not only undertake responsibility for protecting ancestral heritage in the Balkans but will also help protect the common values among the two countries and contribute to their continuance. The restoration work on the Manastır İshak Çelebi (İshakiye) and Radanya Mahmut Ağa Mosques continue.

The Çullu Baba Tekke Mosque

The restoration, mausoleum repair, reconstruction of the water fountain that had been destroyed and the landscaping of the courtyard area in the Çullu Baba Tekke Mosque, which is known to have been built in the center of Kırçova in 1560, was undertaken by TIKA.

Bosnia Herzegovina

The Maglaj Kurşunlu Mosque

The Maglaj Kurşunlu Mosque in Bosnia Herzegovina, which is a good example of Ottoman architecture, was built in 1560 by Kalavun Yusuf Paşa. This important work left from the Ottoman era is considered a national memorial in Bosnia Herzgovina. The restoration work of this mosque is still ongoing


5 Mosques in Albania

The Republic of Albania (R.A.) Moslem Society applied to TIKA for support for the restoration of historical works in a variety of locations throughout Albania. A protocol was signed concerning the restoration of these historical works between the R.A. Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sports, the R.A. Institute of Historical Works, the R.A. Moslem Society and TIKA. As part of this protocol, the Preparation of Building Survey, Restitution, Restoration, Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Reinforcement and Landscaping Projects have been accepted by TIKA following the approval of the Scientific Council and National Restoration Council organized in Albania. The project concerns the following projects: for the city of Preze, Kale Mosque and Minaret; for the city of Kruja, Murad Bey Mosque and Minaret; for the city of Berat, Kurşunlu, Mosque and Minaret; for the city of Elbasan, Nazire Mosque and Minaret; and for the city of Korça, İmrahorlu İlyas Bey Mosque and Minaret.


The Osmanagiç Mosque

The Osmanagiç Mosque, which was built in 1785 by Hacı Mehmet Paşa Osmanagiç, is one of two mosques left standing in the center of Podgoritsa. The Mosque, which was heavily damaged in WW II and had been left in this state of disrepair ever since, was restored by the Montenegro Islamic Unity in 1997 and opened for praying. However, the Osmanagiç Mosque was again heavily damaged during a fire that occurred a few years ago. In response to this situation the Montenegro Islamic Unity applied to TIKA for support in the restoration work. The repair of this mosque was completed by TIKA and it was reopened for worship.


The common history of Turkey and Egypt is being carried forward into the future

During the visit made to El Ezher Şeyhi Ahmed Al Tayeb by TIKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam and the committee that accompanied him, a protocol was signed regarding the restoration efforts that will be conducted in the country. As part of the signed protocol, the Hazreti Hüseyin Mosque, El Ezher Mosque, İmam Şafi Mausoleum and Mosque, Ebu Zeheb Mosque, Revak el Etrak and Sultan Mahmut Lodge located in Egypt and the Çorbacı Mosque and İbrahim Tirbane Mosque in Alexandria will be restored by Turkey. These projects are being coordinated by TIKA and will ensure that the common history of the two countries is carried into the future.


TİKA and the Zigetvar Municipality have signed an important cooperation

An agreement based on mutual goodwill has been made between TIKA and the Republic of Hungary Zigetvar Municipality towards the protection of the common historical heritage of Turkey and Hungary.
Included in the agreement signed between TIKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam and Hungarian city of Zigetvar Mayor János Kolovics, is the reconstruction of the Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Mosque located in the Zigetvar Castle according to its original state and reopening it for service.


The Hanefi and Şafi Mosque

The necessary studies and inspections have been conducted by TIKA Sudan Coordination regarding the repair and opening of the Hanefi and Şafi Mosque located in the Port Sudan State city of Sevakin. The restoration was started after the studies were completed and the Hanefi and Şafi Mosque restoration work was completed by TIKA.


The Trablusşam Mevlevihanesi

Work is being done on Turkish Ottoman works that are at the point of collapse in the first stage of the cooperation between Turkey and Lebanon to renew and protect common cultural heritage. One of the structures for which a project has been planned as part of this project is the Trablusşam Mevlevihanesi located in Lebanon.

The Trablusşam Mevlevihanesi was established by Samsunlu Ali who was connected to the Damascus Mevlevihane after Damascus was conquered by the Ottomans in 1619 during the Padishah II. Osman (1618-1622) era. The Trablusşam Mevlevihanesi was nearly destroyed completely during the Lebanon Internal Conflicts that occurred in1985-1987. The Trablusşam Mevlevihanesi Restoration Project was started by TIKA after the project planning stage of the restoration was completed. For this project, several types of restoration work were done. Example are the stonework around the semahane (where dervishes conduct their sessions) and the dome of the prayer section, the stone lining of the prayer section and trimming, as well as other repair work such as flooring, plastering, electrical and plumbing. The landscaping and display and exhibit planning stages of the Mevlevihane work are ongoing.

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