19 March 2013

TİKA's Signature On The Giant Cooperation Between Turkey And Tunisia

TİKA's Signature On The Giant Cooperation Between Turkey And Tunisia

Tunisia, where a period of renewal is being experienced after the Tunisian Revolution, received vehicles and materials to be used in law enforcement and municipality services with the support of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate (TIKA). In total 434 vehicles were given to Tunisia as part of this assistance.

After the Tunisian Revolution, Tunisia has entered a period of restructuring, wherein the modernization of the law enforcement organization and municipality services are amongst the top priorities. In this context, Tunisia was provided with training and material support for the Modernization of the Tunisian Law Enforcement Organization and municipality services projects, which were prepared with TIKA’s input.
The ceremony, in which this support was presented, took place in Tunisia with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ, Tunisian Prime Minister Ali Arayız, the Tunisian Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister in Charge of the Economy Rıda Saidi as well as many other officials.

In the speech made during the ceremony by Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ, he said it was a great source of pride that Tunisia had realized the January 14 Revolution and emphasized that those responsible for making this possible will be recorded in history with golden letters. Deputy Prime Minister Bozdağ said “In the same way that the revolution of January 14, 2011 set an example to other countries, Tunisia’s success in democratic transformation will also make them a role model and a leader. The Republic of Turkey was among the first governments and the first community to acknowledge the January 14 Revolution. We, as Turkey, have always been extremely happy to share our political, economic and social attainments and experience with our Tunisian brothers, especially in the expansion and ingraining of democracy, and will continue to do so with the same enthusiasm”.

After providing some information about the process that Tunisia is currently going through, the Tunisian Prime Minister Ali Arayız pointed out in his speech that the Turkish people and the Turkish government have always been at the side of Tunisia both during and after the revolution. Prime Minister Ali Arayız also added that he was hopeful that the relations with Turkey would not just remain between the ministries of internal affairs but would increasingly grow in all other fields as well.

The Modernization of the Tunisian Law Enforcement Organization and Local Administrations Project is carried out in cooperation with TIKA

TIKA opened an office in Tunisia pursuant to the instructions issued by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Within the scope of the “Modernization of the Tunisian Law Enforcement Organization Project”, started by TIKA, 30 4X4 pick-up trucks, 40 4×2 pick-up trucks, 60 14-seat minibuses for the transport of units, 5 30-seat buses again for unit transports, 30 police cars and 100 police motorcycles were delivered. In relation to this project and within the scope of the “International Police Cooperation Project”, 451 Tunisian police were given training in 2012. In addition, another 32 trash collection trucks, 30 road sweeping vehicles, 30 dump trucks and 50 digging-loading machines were delivered to Tunisia within the scope of the earlier mentioned Modernization of Tunisian Local Administrations Project.

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